We have all been either sick or operated on in our house in the last week so things have gotten a bit out of order.  Wednesday was Isaac’s 10th birthday and it all sort of flew by.  We have tried 3 times to celebrate it and illness has prevented it.  It looks like the coming storm may ruin things again this weekend.

Anyhow, I don’t want to let his birthday pass any further on here so I thought I would share a video we made around the time of his birth.  Last year I wrote a little about what he went through at birth and this year I thought it would be interesting to show how he progressed from being at the brink of death to being awake and aware.  This video is 3 or so minutes long and may be hard for some folks to watch but I’ll spoil the ending and tell you it all works out ok if you’d think you can’t watch (it’s not gross…just sad and scary at points).

Anyhow, Isaac is 10 now and just shy of being a giant.  His life is so different now and his beginning seems to foreign and far away. It’s hard to believe how well he’s done and I am so proud of him in every way!  Premature babies born with the odds against them many times don’t find happy endings but Isaac beat the odds and, I am certain, is destined for wonderful things ahead!

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  1. A miracle and a blessing he is here with us today. I had to hold back the tears watching the video. I remember you telling me about him being born early but I didn’t realize how sick he really was and what the docs had told you. I look at him now and you certainly would not know it. Happy Birthday Isaac!

  2. Our son was a 28 weeker – 2lbs, 5oz and spent 6.5 weeks in the NICU. They sent him home weighing 3lbs, 12oz! Can you believe that? We were so happy to bring him home, though. He’s now almost 12 and a straight A student.

    Happy Birthday to Isaac!

  3. That brought tears to my eyes.Just a glimpse of how powerful our God really is! The dr.’s give us their bad news, BUT GOD steps in to show that He is The Great Physician. Love your tender Daddy’s heart.
    Happy Birthday Isaac,just like your old testament namesake, you are a reminder that God provides!
    .-= Capri Kel´s last blog ..Potent Quotable =-.

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