It didn’t stay in Vegas

I am in Las Vegas on a business trip…no…really…a business trip. We left Charleston, WV at 6:01 this morning and got here 10 am local time. That left us with…well, all day to explore and see some sights in Las Vegas. It’s already 1:22 am on my “brain time” so I am about done for the day…but I will leave you with a few pictures with more to come when I get back home…






13 thoughts on “It didn’t stay in Vegas

  1. I heard you were $3 up! (I’d stop while you were ahead.) Have fun and remember to bring something home for the kids. Abigail has been going around the house singing “I’m leaving on a jet plane” in honor of her daddy:)

  2. Remember who your mom is when you win big! Have a great time and bring home some warm weather. Happy Birthday!

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