Lovin’ the hog

I love Groundhog Day. It’s the most important of all the holidays for me. Family times and grand meals are nice and all, but I really just love that noble hog of the Earth, Punxsutawney Phil. I grew up in Yankee-land and was used to snow (take note…I was used to it). It seems like we had snow from Halloween until Memorial day. When I was a kid, I sort of liked it…I guess. We played outside in the snow until we couldn’t feel our fingers and toes…and for some reason, we called that fun.

Now that I am an adult, I have a little sense…not too much, but a little. Sensible people know that snow is not a good thing. Polar bears have awesome fur coats for living in snow. I, on the other hand, have a naked head…definitely not built for snow.

Every year I sort of dread the coming of winter. In fact, like the snow schedule of my childhood, I start to dread winter for most of the month of October until…Groundhog Day. I sort of like Phil, partly because I am a former Pennsylvanian, and a dadgum Yankee (reformed), but I especially like Phil and Groundhog Day because I feel like the “ugh” of winter has a chance of lifting. You see, I fully believe that the proceedings in Punxsutawney are binding and true. Phil’s prediction is real and accurate and I get hopeful that he may, in fact, lift the gloom of winter…so Phil, from Southern WVA, we’re counting on you!

Update: Phil…why do you hate me so?

9 thoughts on “Lovin’ the hog

  1. I’m counting on the groundhog too. I’m trying not to complain about winter, but I’m really a spring/summer person. Groundhogs are so cute until they tear up your garden 😉
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..ARGsessed with Pirates! =-.

  2. You do know that the lobbyists have gotten to Phil, it is all about marketing now. In years past you could trust the little guy, but now that Polaris sponsors the event, you just can’t believe what you hear.

  3. Even when I was little, this whole Phil thing had me befuddled. How could the weather in Pennsylvania have any bearing on my weather in Missouri. AND Spring comes in six weeks whether we like it or not–March 21st.

    All that said, I do wish for you and your fellow WV’ians, an early spring. May daffodils bloom on March 1st. May the last snow fall sometime in late February (or earlier).

    Love your friend,
    Who-doesn’t-live-where-it-snows-anymore-because-she-hates-it-with-a-purple-passion-and-is-whining- because-it-hasn’t-broken-the-40*-mark-in-several-days.
    .-= Ceecee´s last blog ..DO Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch =-.

  4. i just made 6 dozen groundhog cookies for the kids to take to school, and tonight we will have spicy groundhog sandwiches for dinner.
    .-= Kris Bair´s last blog ..Waiting =-.

  5. Kris: groundhog cookies: Brilliant!
    Warren, Emily: Sorry about the whole “six more weeks” thing.
    My children and I have had a fascination with the whole “Groundhog Day” calendar event, and finally this year we have begun to formulate a celebration. But, we are not in the thick of real winter, so our enthusiasm may be offensive and insensitive… yet darn fun. We are writing songs, and looking for something hoggish to grind.

  6. My experience with ground hogs has not left the ground hogs faring too well so I am trying to turn over a new leaf…but dang Phil, you aren’t making it easy!

    And Ceecee and Natalie – imagine my thumbs in my ears wiggling my fingers wildly as I stick out my tongue and growl…I miss warm places…

  7. That’s cool…literally I suppose! I like watching the proceedings from afar. Although the boy asked me this week, “Daddy… how can that groundhog predict the weather way over here!?” Ah, the mysteries of the universe continue…
    .-= Beau´s last blog ..Remembering How Life Happens =-.

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