Good fences make good neighbors!

And awesome fences are…well, what I built.  You probably remember that we got a dog a few months ago.  I honestly had no idea what sort of a pain dogs were, but alas, I have Ginny and she’s a good dog.  She loves being outside so I have no problem letting her stay outside during the day while we are at work.  The problem is that she has worn all the grass from her kennel and her outhouse is far too close to my house.

Like a good dog owner, I want to protect Ginny from neighborhood dogs as well as gypsies, tramps and thieves…and Cher.

Oh yeah, lets’ take a moment to listen to Cher when she still looked somewhat human:

Anyhow, our house didn’t have a fenced in area so my cheap-skate brain kicked in and I started digging fence post holes.  Actually, we first had to cut down a mess of a tree that was on the one corner of the property where the fence was to go.  The tree had grown up pretty badly into the power, phone and cable lines that run on the edge of our property.

I marked the lines
Camo AND a chainsaw!

Again, being cheap, I couldn’t see paying someone hundreds of dollars when I could crawl up on a conductive aluminum ladder near the power lines to cut the junk down.  Slowly but surely, I was able to pick away at the branches until I could safely drop the tree.  Once done, I commenced digging and have almost completed the fortress as Isaac likes to call it.

The tree used to be at that far corner

(we did chainlink on one side so Ginny would be able to see out)

So the fence will be great for keeping Ginny safe, but it also hides the mess that my neighbors leave about in their yard.  They collect animals and stuff and just seem to be unable to haul all their junk to the curb on trash day.  I won’t rant too long (but boy I could).

Our view (sometimes) of the neighbor's yard...before the fence. Yes, it is a chewed up couch cushion.

Let’s just say that the thousand bucks we spent on this fence has saved us many thousands in mental health bills.  Emily has found her zen place behind our new walls!

6 thoughts on “Good fences make good neighbors!

  1. Chewed up couch cushions are the least offensive of the things often found in their yard. I don’t quite have my zen place but this is a step in the right direction!

  2. Mrs. Schmenkman lives by relatives of those neighbors. They got real creative covering up their dog pen. A shed, a camper, artfully placed trees and such. Then the poor dogs died.

    I am very impressed with your handiwork! Add fence building to your list of skillz. You know, girls like a guy with skillz. Right Emily?
    .-= Capri Kel´s last blog ..Virginia-Dos =-.

  3. Wow, looks really nice! We have neighbors like that too. They collect junk and it looks like a junkyard. Fortunately, you can’t see them from our house, but as we walk on our land the closer we get to their land the more debris we find that has blown over. Or they’ve tossed it over. I don’t know. The other day we smelled smoke and when we drove past their place they’d torched one of the 4 broken down 1970s RVs they’ve got on the place. So now there’s this RV black skeleton in their front yard. It goes well with the jet ski that I suppose they might use to ride around their 10 foot pond. Wow, I guess I need to write a blog about them.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..The Falling Lisa Half Marathon, A Race Report =-.

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