Stuff…you know…things…

I was looking over a bunch of pictures of stuff we’ve done/seen/enjoyed lately and I thought it might be fun to show the stuff…you know…the things…

Of course, the other day, I posted our score of grapes which we were planning to turn into jelly…real grape jelly.  We got that done.  Usually Emily and I work pretty hard together on that sort of stuff but for some reason, she did all the grape jelly this time.  She is a jelly-making fool!  I am just a plain old fool.  I was busy watching The Colony, a new show on the Discovery channel (cable is evil but that is a heck of a show…if you are into post-apocalyptic stuff)  while she did all the work.  Yeah…still paying for that.

Let’s see, we have seen lots of butterflies and moths around the house lately.  I don’t know why, but whenever I see turtles or butterflies, I like to make sure they are ok.  I stop and help turtles across the road and I always offer a frown when a butterfly gets tangled up with the car (yeah, I know…it’s not much but what can I say?)  Anyhow, we have had a good crop of butterflies around…and dang they are cool!  I am not sure I had ever seen a luna moth before but it was really cool…so beautiful!

Yeah, I guess snails fall into the same category as turtles too…snails are super cool to watch.  I love to see their antennae disappear into their bodies and I am always amazed at how they can stretch.  They’re a little chewy primitive I guess…like turtles.  I am just amazed at all the stuff that just seems to be everywhere if I look!

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  1. We always stop to move turtles across roads. A common one here is the Yellow slider. One day when I stopped to move one I was astonished to hear it make a noise. It saw me, started to run away (they can move pretty fast in a sprint) and made a high pitched squeal. To my human ear it was a wail of fear. My heart broke when I heard the sound. I also read that contrary to common belief turtles’ shells are touch sensitive. Now I pick them up with a gentle pressure.

  2. I’ve seen lots of butterflies this year too! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many before. They are everywhere. I seen a white wooly worm but wasn’t able to get a picture of it. Do you think that means a mild Winter?

  3. I guess we should start a club—I’m a turtle mover, too. Moved a giant (big as a dinner plate), red-earred slider just yesterday.
    The Luna moth is SO cool! I’ve only seen them in pictures. I don’t think they are even found around here.
    Emily, is Warren banned from eating any jelly since he didn’t help? Or, are you secretly relieved he wasn’t in the way? 🙂

  4. “I am just amazed at all the stuff that just seems to be everywhere if I look!”

    I got to tell you, I’m still amazed that a tomato plant can turn dirt, rain and sunshine into yummy salsa goodness.

  5. Ceecee – I’m just glad he wasn’t looking over my shoulder the entire time. We have a very small kitchen and I can’t stand having to work around people. Warren did come in and do specific jobs when asked, but for the most part he just did his part by sitting on the sofa and watching television.

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  7. I drove out to Kanawha State Forest yesterday and there were hundreds of butterflies…it was so cool. Unfortunately, I was driving so not all of them fared well…still, it was really awesome to see them!

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