I haven’t always been all that interested in bugs…at least not enough to have them as pets.  I guess I have always been curious about all sorts of bugs but it was with my bees that my insectophilia became more obvious.  Anyhow, as I was looking over some pics I have taken in the last few months, I noticed a large number were of bugs.  A few were of my kids and family, but that’s not what we are here to talk about now is it?

So, here a re a few bugs pics I found…mostly pretty ones so fear not!

Ok, this next set was pretty weird.  We have a clowder (I learned that from Big Bang Theory) of cats that have accumulated in our neighborhood.  A former neighbor sort of collected cats but never took care of them.  We’ve seen as many as 13 at one time on our doorstep begging for food (and that bugs me, speaking of bugs).  Anyhow, Abigail was outside the other day playing with Tommy and noticed he was too interested in one spot in the yard.  She called me and we rescued a praying mantis.  I like praying mantises…and turtles.  They all seem so primitive and helpless to me.  So, I braved the jaws of Tommy and rescued this praying mantis.  He was indeed praying as I picked him up.  His wings were in bad shape but he nodded his head in appreciation as I set him upon a tree out of Tommy’s sight.

Oh why not…here are a few pics of the kids…they have mixed feelings about bugs.

13 thoughts on “Bugs

  1. I have mixed feelings about bugs too : ) When my girls were little one of them had a pet catapillar. She said she was going to teach it tricks. I said ‘oh honey you can’t teach it tricks’ she promptly showed me she’d already taught it to do push ups on the tie to her shirt : ) It was all a huge success till she tried to teach it to swim!

    Your kids are so cute-and are growing up fast too.

  2. Seem though I’ve taken lots of pictures of bugs lately too! You gotta be careful about those woolly worms! My hay man was bit in the neck by one and almost died. It’s taken me a month to get my boy back out in the yard after he heard about that! lol Right now we are being invaded by the lady bugs. Can’t stand those in the house! And they do bite!

  3. Caprilis – yes, the stinkbugs are awful here too…our silly pets eat them and don’t seem to mind

    Angela – we are lucky. Ladybugs have left us alone the last two years. They stink and bite too!

  4. I have never seen a praying mantis that big!

    The bug of the month here in Michigan is the box elder. Harmless as far as I know, but covering the south side of our house and garage.

  5. Capri K – Ah yes, the box elder bugs…we have a box elder tree right beside our garden. Some of our bees are nearby too. The dang box elder bugs swarm the bee hives…outside only of course, but gee whiz…

  6. I discovered “The Big Bang Theory” this past winter. I guess the geek inside me identifies with the characters.

  7. tipper – a caterpillar circus may be better than any old flea circus!

    ceecee – Tommy that dumb alley cat was pretty hard on it…I figured those were teeth marks.

    ed – it’s the most original show on tv right now I think…I love it!

    karl – no idea…I’d call it awesome I think…an awesome of mantii?

  8. We had a praying mantis that lived in our house when we were building it. Every day, we’d go over to his spot and check on him. He lived there for weeks, and then one day he disappeared. We figured it was good luck to have him around.

  9. My husband doesn’t mow our field so that we can have more bugs! For weeks this summer, we had a field full of praying mantises on the thistle plants. I really liked them until I picked up a really large one and he bit my finger and wouldn’t let go. We kept shooing them off our porch where the hummingbird feeders are hanging because the mantises eat hummers!

  10. Odie – I think they are good luck too…they pray all day long, that must count for something!

    Holy cow Peggy! I had no idea they would eat hummers! Amazing! I did know they bite but never had the pleasure of experiencing that…thankfully!

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