It’s Novembeard!

Have you heard? It’s Novembeard! My brother has long been a supporter of the Novembeard concept. I think he got it from my Dad. Anyhow, I am a late comer but a true believer! I laid my razor down on Halloween and will not drag a blade across my face again until after Christmas.

The beginning...

In addition to being incredibly stylish, I suspect this will save both time and money. My morning “get ready for work” time will drop from 8 minutes to 6 and my water usage will decline in similar fashion. I can keep the heat turned down a degree or two lower and my beard will provide a habitat for small woodland animals. Novembeard is green!

Without a beard...
An artist's rendition of what's to come...

Normally I wouldn’t even consider missing more than a day or two of shaving but for such a special time of year, I am prepared to do what it takes (and I am not even running for public office with that slogan…but I do approve this message) to propagate Novembeard as a national phenomenon. Ladies, gentlemen, children of all ages, please join me in skipping the morning shave and so we can take Novembeard from coast to coast!

7 thoughts on “It’s Novembeard!

  1. Hooray! I liked the look of last year’s beard.
    What does Emily think of scratchy-face hubby vs. smooth hubby. Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. I’m relatively new to your blog so I have not heard the term though I’ve been doing it for the last couple years. I generally hold off shaving though until March.

  3. Just in time for all of the Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures, loverly!
    Butch can’t grow a beard, too patchy. He’s a goat boy.
    I don’t think I could even go that long without shaving my legs! Wooly Bully!

  4. All I can say is I kept thinking you looked like someone I know in the last picture of the artist rendition picture. Then it hit me. It’s Howie Mandel! lol

  5. Hey, you can store dried remnants of Dinners Past and maybe even grow mushrooms in it…ha 🙂 Congrats…my hub will be so jealous. He’s definately a Beard Man, but has to shave for his particular job dress code.

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