Secret agent man

You folks never knew I had a secret, did you?  Well sure enough, I once had hair.  Yeah, that’s the big secret.  But these pics looks like I almost ended up being a FBI agent in the 80s I think.  I would have had lots of secrets if I had gone that way I think.  And with my memory, you should all be glad that I didn’t let my 1987 career choice take hold…I couldn’t keep my lies from my truths straight.  I honestly couldn’t remember my way out of a wet paper bag!

I have no idea why we were dressed up, but I definitely remember that get-up.  I was especially proud of the knit tie with th squared off bottom…remember those?  I had a ton of them.  I can’t imagine why I was gussied up as I never wear a tie…well, that is unless it’s for a wedding or a funeral.  I figure that either case is the end of a life and worth honoring.  Anyhow, with smiles on our faces (my brother and I were quite the duo), I doubt we were going to either a wedding or a funeral…

I worked with a guy a few years ago who always wished for a return to the days when men wore hats and the world was a bit more civilized.  I am not sure that time ever really existed but wearing hats would surely make for interesting conversation!  It seems like I had a hat just like the one my bother wears in the first picture….hmmm…I think I like nowadays when men don’t wear hats just fine.  What about you?

5 thoughts on “Secret agent man

  1. Oooo, you were rockin’ that center part in your hair, too.
    Hats……hhmmm. I don’t have any feeling about them one way or another. Just about all men in my part of the world were baseball hats or cowboy hats. I don’t even notice them anymore.

  2. varunner – I didn’t even notice the “heat” until a facebook friend (where I also post this stuff) noticed. But yes indeed, I was packin’

    ceecee – I am just glad to have evidence of hair!

    natalie vv – now I dig a fez…your boy looks awesome in it!

    pat – I shudder to think of the pics you may have of us!

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