Black and white special

Ah, the old black and white got me again.  It rained just under 2 inches in the last 24 hours.  Sometime last night, the weather further delighted us with a dusting of snow…it’s the first sticking snow we’ve had this year around the house.  I hate snow…have I ever said that before?  Well, I do.

Did I ever mention I hate snow? Well, I do.

Of course, since we got Ginny, she likes to be outside as much as she can.  Two inches of rain plus bare ground = muddy dog so we have been trying to keep her inside as much as possible.  Until I can potty train her though, I will have to keep on going out when nature calls.  Well, nature or the clatter of stray cats that congregate on our patio called a lot last night.  She had to go out last night several times as Mother Nature delighted us.  Did I ever tell you I hate snow?  Well, I do.

Early in the evening, I took Ginny out with fully intact feet.  Isaac and I went to taekwondo last night and did our thing, however.  We practice kicks and forms and the usual stuff at TKD.  At the end though, we get to “free fight”.  As I have said before, it feels like a special sort of crazy to enjoy fighting and watching my kid fight, but it really is thrilling.  Anyhow, we were free fighting and having a good time doing it.  I usually have to fight black belts as they are mostly adults and despite my beginner status, by size alone it would not be fair to pair me with anyone under 16 or so.  I think most of the black belts like it though, because I am able to really fight with them which gives them some semblance of a challenge.

Some friends of mine have mentioned that they could never do TKD because they felt like they would just get mad and go to town.  I am certain that if one got out of control during TKD, the black belts would end it very quickly.  They are good folks and are very skilled.  All that is to say, they like to spar and get a workout and they like control.

Ignore the hairy man-feet

So, I was fighting my favorite guy to fight last night and he told me to feel free to really go for it…so I did.  I did a series of kicks, the last of which was aimed at his head.  For that one, I had no intent of making contact (as that would probably end my evening), but he had to throw the block as if I were.  TKD is done barefoot so his block + my bare foot swinging (at near light speed) ended in my having a black toe this morning.  Have I mentioned I hate snow?  Well, I do.  I also hate black toes.  Black and white are kicking my butt today!

4 thoughts on “Black and white special

  1. It snowed here ALL day, with NO accumulation. How does that happen?
    I am indifferent to snow. Up here in The Mitten, every 5 or 6 months, it is always with us.
    It’s the ice I reserve my hate for. Ice kills!

    Your poor foots! At first I thought it was a dirty caveman foot.

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