Curing my beardaphobia

You may remember that I started growing a beard back on the first of November.  It is a thing my Dad and/or brother started where beards are grown from November ’til sometime around Christmas and then are shaved.  We went to my brother’s house a few weeks ago and for me, it was time to shave off that mangy thing…

Brother, Dad, and me
Pre-trim...geez, do I look like that in the mirror?
Holy crap does it hurt to shave a beard!

When I came out of the bathroom with this look, Abigail honestly freaked and said, “You look like a maniac!  Get away from me!”   She acted as though she was truly a little freaked out by my appearance.  She’s a smart kid…proved again!

I think this look should be called "circus strongman"
Ahhhh....the lifeblood - a quart of Mt Dew!

Ok, so, as I look back over this, I think I might be pretty vain.  I have to tell you though, I am so glad to be rid of the squirrel as Emily calls it.  Some people look awesome in a beard but I don’t have their strength of character or whatever it is that they have to put up with it.  I am once again clean shaven and shall remain so…at least until November!

4 thoughts on “Curing my beardaphobia

  1. Circus strong man or fighter from Gangs of New York–either one.
    My hubby says it’s too dang bad that you get such a lovely smooth face if you let your beard grow a couple days–“It hurts like the dickens to shave it.”

  2. Abigail was right especially in the “Hmmmmm” shots.
    I take it you didn’t keep the ‘stash from the Dew photo?
    I thought it was a good look.
    A little hint for next years removal that will save you from the hurt. Soak the area to be shaved with lots of hot water and DON’T use shaving cream !!! Use liquid soap or cream rinse instead.
    Finally remember “with the grain” and small strokes cleaning the razor often.

  3. I think I’ll hang on to my mangy beard until it warms up a bit. Personal comfort trumps looks… at least now that I’m older and married!

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