Haulin’ water

So, yesterday I mentioned that we set the first 4 posts for the bee yard.  To make them semi-permanent, I wanted them anchored in concrete.  The property that we own is raw land so we do not yet have water available on site.  To mix the concrete, of course, we needed water.  I hated the idea of hauling water especially since we didn’t have any sort of official water carrier.  Still, without it, we were dead in the…uh…water.  So, we decided on two water sources.  First, we had a five gallon bucket that had a seal-able lid that worked very well.  Knowing that would not be enough, we also filled a 30 gallon plastic tote half way full of water.

This is next on my list of stuff to get at Tractor Supply!

We (meaning me) should have known better but in my haste to get out there, I decided to press on.  Half way full won’t slosh too much, right?  I mean, I put a cover on it.  No problems, right?  Yeah, wrong.  It’s gets even funnier.  In addition to all that water, I had 320 pounds of concrete and 50 pounds of gravel…oh yeah, and four 4x4s as well as all of the stuff we normally take out there.  We were packed solid and ready for anything.

So, I slowly start down the driveway.  Our house is on a steep hill so we didn’t even get out of our driveway before the water sloshed out and all over the back.  Remeber all that stuff I had back there?  Yeah.  I figured at that point that we are already wet…it can’t get worse, right?  Wrong.

The interstate part of the trip was smooth as you might expect.  But, we go from interstate to a 2-lane paved road.  Also not so bad.  It’s when we went from paved road to “paved” road that things got worse.  Emily and I had a “discussion” about the whole thing.  During that “discussion”, I decided that it would be better for her to drive so we switched places…you can sort of see the tone of our dialogue.

Emily and me "discussing" in the back of the van

Anyhow, we finally made it, missing only a few gallons.  I dug the first hole and went to get the first bag of concrete.  You know, concrete comes in paper bags.  Do you know what happens to paper bags when they meet water?  Nothing good I can tell you.

Anyhow, I quickly learned new and creative ways to carry the concrete and all ended well in that regard.  See, no worries, right?  Not so much.  I am now the proud driver of the van until the mildew smell gets out of the back end.  I hope it doesn’t get too hot the next few days.  I may not survive!

5 thoughts on “Haulin’ water

  1. Maybe you should consider buying a small trailer to haul things in. It cuts down on the changing drivers thing and also gives you lots more room. It also ends the worry of having a patio in the back of the van.

  2. hey warren good story !!!! but for your personal info i have cemented posts in holes using the ready mix without the water. it will eventually turn hard due to the rain and ground getting wet. just dig the hole put in rocks on the bottom of the hole put the post in and set it square and add the mix.use a steal rod such as rebar and push into the mix up and down to get the mix to tightly pack and settle. it holds really well so make sure the post is square. i also believe that they actually now sell a mix that does not require water. do a search to verify if you have any questions let me know. you can also add some temporary outside braces till the mix turns hard.

  3. LOL!!!!!!!
    Honey and I have those kind of “discussions” too!
    You sound like Pa Ingalls, “all’s well that ends well”.

  4. Weeelllll at least it gave you something to write about and make us laugh : ) Seriously-I can’t wait to see how it all turns out-I know it’s going to be super.

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