Summer? Over?

Yeah, so school is back in session today and the kids were somewhat less than delighted. Isaac, in particular, was a mix of excited to begin middle school and not excited because it is not cool to be excited. Both youngsters have gotten used to staying up late and sleeping in. They both are used to goofing off all day and eating ice cream and funyuns for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  Life has been pretty easy this summer as they didn’t even go to summer care.  Ah, but life turned on them this morning.  Reality struck them hard.


Emily and I take special joy in waking the kids on the first day of school.  We flip on the light and holler, “Good morning childrens…it’s time to get up childrens” in our best non-native-English-speaking voice.  They try to pull their blankets over their heads at which time we throw a cat on their blanketed heap.  Oh yes, the first day of school is excellent fun for Emily and me.

I like to make a movie of their first day back too:

Isaac – First Day of middle school      Abigail – First day of 3rd grade


The thing I do not like much, though, is that summer is over.  It will still be hot as blazes and we’ll still have a ridiculous electric bill as the AC runs, but summer is over.  School’s in y’all!  Let’s go childrens!  It’s time for school!

8 thoughts on “Summer? Over?

  1. Aw first day of school what every parent prays for and then all the running begins….soccer practice 6 days a week, games, school parties, home room mom, parent teacher conferences, etc. No rest until next summer….soccer, swimming, summer camp, visits to grandparents… rest for parents until kids grow up and get married…..visits to kids house, visits to our house, grandkids visits….well I guess that’s life…..what fun. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

  2. Well, despite the questionable “food” they ate over the summer, it seems to have agreed with them. They look great. Our first day is Monday.
    Next week, try “Wakey, wakey” in your best latin voice. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico one summer. Just as folks were about to doze off in the shade of an umbrella, a director of stuff-to-do would get on a loud speaker and yell, “Wakey, wakey, time for fun in the swimming pool….”.

  3. BOO, I can’t open those!
    Wow, your kids start early! Mousey goes to registration this morning, then starts after Labor Day. Our last child in hger last year of high svhool. Color me sad mama.

  4. Sad to know most kids hated going back to school from summer vacation. This is normal to all parents. Kids tend to have been drawn at the nice experience they got from vacation. Unlike school, which seems to be boring. A parent should remedy this.

  5. It ended for mine last week. Sigh.. summer is so much easier : )

    (when you have time-check out my tomato pollination post-you were right they cross pollinated!!! Well at least one did : )

  6. You are way harder on your kids than we are. We just get them up at 5:45 am because the bus comes at 6:45 am. I feel bad for them having to get up that stinking early because we live out in the country. If I drove them they wouldn’t have to get up that early but I’m not that good to them! lol

  7. I wish school days are alot like summer. If only it does, it would be so much fun. But it isn’t, might as well say to myself, get over it.

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