We are Broke

Well, it’s not so much that we are broke…more like Isaac.  And, really, Isaac isn’t so much broke as his collar bone is broken.  He plays on the middle school soccer team and the game last weekend was pretty rough.  During one play, the other team was breaking away with the ball, headed for our goal.  Isaac got on an intercept path and beat the other player to the ball and cleared it.  The other player, however, was close by and got tangled up with Isaac.  Both of them went down, head over heels and did a great couple of rolls. It was pretty awesome, really.  Isaac said he got up and thought he was just a little stiff from the fall.  He did a throw-in and heard bones grinding and that’s when the pain hit him.

He made it to the sideline and the coaches looked at him.  They called us down and a doctor friend who was there looked at it and said we should head to the hospital.  When we looked at it, it was clear something wasn’t right.  His shoulder just didn’t look quite right.  His one side was a little caved in and definitely not straight.

The broken collarbone

We had x-rays at the hospital and the doctor confirmed that Isaac’s collarbone was broken.  I think it is pretty obvious in the picture.  Let’s play, “Spot the broken bone”…ready class?  Do you see it?  Click the image to enlarge and see if you can see it.

We followed up with a bone doctor and they told us to keep it in a sling and it should be fine in 6 weeks with full strength and movement returning in 8 weeks.  We pretty quickly discovered that a broken collarbone makes many things really tough.  Isaac can’t really carry his books very well.  Getting help with books isn’t too bad.  He also has trouble with buttons and zippers.  Button and zipper help is not really an option though so we have been sending him to school in gym shorts and warm up pants.  You catch my drift I think.

So, we got some pretty snapshots of the boy’s internals and closed out of soccer season for the year.  He really enjoys soccer, so this was not an ideal end to the season but I think he is pretty happy to wear gym shorts all of the time.

9 thoughts on “We are Broke

  1. “One of these bones is not like the other…”
    Move to California… shorts are worn daily, year round, and no need to break your collar bone for the honor! Isaac, dude, heal well and speedy!

  2. My son plays soccer, too. Just knowing what is involved in a throw in and knowing his collar bone was broke gives me the willies.
    It looks like he’s right handed, and the injury is on the left–I guess that’s a plus.
    Take it easy, Isaac! I hope your bone heals quickly!

  3. Oh boy! At least kids usually heal fast. I hope that the case with Isaac. Are you sure he didn’t do this to get out of work on the cabin? Nah, he’s a boy, they love building things 🙂 Tell him Granny Sue said to get well soon.

  4. I think one of the most difficult parts is that he is left handed. If he’s like me he can’t do a thing with the right hand. We’re hoping you heal fast Isaac.

  5. Poor Isaac! Sounds like he gave his all during the game. Funny, this is the third broken collarbone I’ve known this fall…

    Hope he’s feeling better soon!

  6. I agree with Shayne in that this is the third or fourth broken collarbone I’ve heard of this year. Two kids were from the same family at different times from riding dirt bikes. It’s too cold now to wear shorts! Poor guy, he’ll freeze to death! Hope you feel better soon Isaac!

    That shows how you were giving your all for the team and the game.
    Sorry that you have to recieve all of the pain and humilliation but you seem to bear up to the realization that sports injuries are part of the game very well. Listen to the Doctors. Heal well, and go get them next year.

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