Home alone

So last week we were on the beach for a week in Topsail Island, NC.  We headed home on Saturday morning and it took us 8 or so hours to get home.  I drove 7.5 of those hours because I knew Emily would be exhausted.  You see, we got home on Saturday afternoon so Emily could pack to head out on her trip to Orlando for a week long conference on Sunday afternoon.

The kids and I are still alive, so Emily, if you are reading us, we are still here and above ground.  We have made out pretty well actually.  Emily’s grandparents and parents have taken pity on me and have helped to feed us and make sure our hind-ends are where they need to be when they need to be.

I sort of like having some alone time for a day or two but it would be quite a shock for much longer than that.  The cats just aren’t that great at conversation although our orange beast (#1) is a great cuddler.  Too bad it’s like a thousand degrees.  Anyhow, I have been working on some projects and staying up too late but I am ready for Emily to get back home.  You see, she needs to pack again because we are headed to PA on Friday, the day after she returns.  The kids will probably need to get a bath or something too once she gets home.  I guess there are probably lots of things that I have forgotten.  Warren Home Alone is just about as dangerous as Macaulay Culkin!

6 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. Emily is one brave woman to leave you there alone to hold down the fort! lol I hope she left lists of things for you to do so at least the kids get fed! lol Now go do some laundry! I’m sure there has to be some for you do by now! 🙂

  2. Ha, I was gone last weekend and I made all these casseroles for the fam to eat while I was gone. Instead, they ate 28 bags of chips. It averages out to SEVEN bags of chips per person per day. At least now I have casseroles for dinner and don’t have to cook the next few days.

  3. Funny how folks take pity on the dad home alone with the kids, but never even call when the mom is home alone with the kids. 🙂
    Poor Emily, her side of the bed must be lonely for her. That’s a pretty torturous schedule she’s keeping, even if it involves vacation time.

  4. I am feeling tired for her!! We have had summers like that some years, just going from place to place. I hope she gets to put her feet up in Pa.!
    Glad to hear you are “managing” Warren. Just try and pick up before she walks through the door. Oh, and take her out for dinner, she probably won’t feel like making YOUR dinner after all that!

    It’s boiling lava hot here too.I’m about to spontaneously combust!!

  5. Whenever my wife and child leave me home alone, which is fortunately very rare, it is quite shocking to my system, namely the silence and the amount of time available to fill when one isn’t being a spouse and a father. When my wife and daughter spent a month away overseas, I found myself working my normal eight hour job and then coming home to put in another eight hour job out in the garage just because it felt too depressing to go inside and sit in the silence. I certainly have never even touched those productivity levels again since they got back.

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