Ants…not in my pants

It’s amazing what all happens under your feet (if you aren’t careful) all the time.  Abigail and I were sitting on the steps the other day talking about stuff and we happened to notice a family of ants going on vacation.  We have had a good number of ants in the house this year (don’t tell Emily that I broadcast that…she would be mortified) and they have been all over outside too.  Anyhow, these critters were fascinating to watch as they scurried around each other headed to the beach or the soda can or wherever ants go on vacation.

(the video is at real speed…I didn’t speed them up at all)

People will never solve disputes quite like ants I think.  They come face to face and one guys left and the other goes left too…you know, since they are face to face.  Anyhow, conflict resolution was quick and easy and really made their movement a ton of fun to watch.  I bet I took 10 minutes of video of ants walking back and forth.  You just can’t beat entertainment like that!  Abigail and I had a blast getting ourselves down to eye level with ants and talking about stuff.  It’s funny how ants can calm a bad case of ants in your pants!

2 thoughts on “Ants…not in my pants

  1. I second the credits love.

    We had ants in our old house this spring and it got pretty bad for awhile. I spend some quality time on the floor following those suckers and eventually found out where they were getting in and fixed the problem.

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