Is it really over?

I have been pretty lax on writing for the past…oh…3 months or so.  It’s all because of soccer.  Particularly when we started the season at the beginning of August, we had something soccer related 6 days a week.  Even in the middle of the season, we were running at least 5.  Since I was one of the middle school coaches for Isaac’s team, I was at every practice with the boy so everything else sort of fell by the wayside.  I loved spending the time with Isaac but we are all tired I think.

Kinda looks like Friday night lights but it’s better…it’s soccer!

So, Monday night was his last game and Wednesday night is the overall last game for the team (we have one varsity and two jv teams).  To say the least, we will be dancing when the season ends (oh yeah, except the fact that we are in the play-offs).  I am proud of the team for which I was responsible.  Our season ended 7-0-2 which is pretty great I think.  It’s all in the coaching of course.

Abigail is in recreation league soccer which is much less demanding but that season ends this weekend too!  Hooray for freedom.  Now we can enjoy the short rainy days and sinus infections we all seem to get!  At least we can all huddle under blankets on the couch as a family, watching the weather channel hoping for nice weather…and the return of soccer season.

4 thoughts on “Is it really over?

  1. Our last game is this weekend. Quinn plays select soccer, so it’s not like there won’t be a tournament or two over the winter months. I won’t miss driving back and forth in the dark to soccer practice, but I do love a great soccer game! Congrats on a great season for you all!!

  2. I think Grey Wolf has the right idea. Remember all the fun you had camping out and you have the ideal place to take scouts for camping and exploring. Seriously, you guys had a great soccer year. Good job to both you and Isaac.

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