We do soccer.  Since the kids were 4 or 5, we have played spring and fall ball and the last few years, we have played indoor winter soccer.  It’s funny how soccer works in our house.  A few weeks before each season starts, we are ready to go!  Soccer can’t come soon enough.  About midway through, I (for one) am done with it.  I mean, we finish it off, but I am ready to play the last game usually about the time we still have 5 games left.  This year is taking even more energy as I am one of the middle school coaches for Isaac’s team.

Championship Soccer team

Anyhow, this season has only a few weeks left and it sort of shows in my mood.  This season, however, we had a little bit of a mid-season bump (in a good way).  Abigail plays on a pretty good all-girl team.  At her age level, all teams in the area play in a pretty big tournament mid-way through the season.  It’s sort of a weekend of chaotic soccer, and, if we are lucky, rain and mud (but not this year!)

Getting the trophy

So, she played all weekend, last weekend.  The team won and then won again, etc.  When it all shook out in the end, Abigail’s team was the first place team!  I think her favorite part was the cool trophy she got!

Happy soccer player

It’s super fun to watch the girls’ games because they provide their own cheerleading corps!  Whoever is not actively playing at a given moment cheers on the sidelines.  Sometimes they build pyramids and sometimes they just vibrate.  Soccer season is long and sometimes tiring, but once in a while, we catch a little bit of the vibration as parents and it is soccerific!

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