I might be the Grinch

Emily is “slaving away” tonight  baking cookies to give to a few folks I will be seeing tomorrow.  We have been to the grocery store 4 times today (yeah, I know…not a word from you) getting this and that.  Anyhow, Emily asked me if I wanted to put the chocolate kisses on the warm peanut butter cookies.  I declined.  She fussed a little (only a little…she is well known for her restraint) and it was then that I decided I must be the Grinch.

peanutbutter cookies

You see friends, I am the Grinch because I do not really enjoy most of the Christmassy things that I am sure I am supposed to like.  I do not like setting up a tree.  I do not like decorating a tree.  I do not like caroling.  I do not like baking cookies.  I do not like wrapping Christmas presents.  I am ok with unwrapping them though.  Anyhow, I really do not enjoy a lot of the traditional things.  I am only one pathetic wiener-dog-dressed-up-like-a-reindeer short of being the full blown Grinch!



I always try my very hardest not to be grumpy around the kids but sometimes my Grinchness comes out.  But it was 60 degrees today for goodness sake!  How come we all aren’t Grinchy?  Perhaps some warm cookies and a glass of milk will cure my Grinchy self.  It may take as many as a dozen to cure me…

8 thoughts on “I might be the Grinch

  1. I think you must be my son. I really don’t like any of those things either except for singing Christmas carols. Eating sweets are always my favorite.

  2. GW – I think I am really a good mix of the two!

    Mom – yeah, it just isn’t my thing…we can be grinchy together!

    Caprilis! That’s hilarious!

  3. I can attest to the goodness of those cookies! Delicious! As for being the Grinch, I think a lot of men feel the same way. It’s the change of routine and a lot of fuss for something they see as unnecessary, right? I really do think that if it were left up to men, all holidays would be beer and football fests. If women didn’t do it I doubt Christmas would happen at all–or Thanksgiving, or most of the others. New Year’s though, One year I refused to do anything for Christmas-not to do a tree, or to bake, shop or anything else. As it turned out my mother became ill and I had to be away for the holiday. My two poor guys spent it in a dirty house with little food to fix because they didn’t shop. They felt pretty sorry for themselves, I can tell you and were more willing to help after that 🙂

  4. Capri Kel – You bet I love to eat them!

    Granny Sue – I think you are right. I do like some things about holidays but aa lot of it just doesn’t appeal to me. I guess it probably is a guy thing!

    Aunt-in-law – Of course! It projects a cone of kissing! I do like some things about Christmas!

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