Some fancy earrings

The other day, after my birthday hootenanny, my wife and kids only complained a few minutes (in honor of my day) when I said I wanted to roam about aimlessly in the local Cabela’s store.    The Cabela’s  people put on quite a show and I like looking at all of the things that I may buy cheaper elsewhere.  There is something cool about actually fondling the products you are considering purchasing.

Fishing flies are not good as earrings! Fishing flies are not good as earrings!

Anyhow, we all wandered by the fishing area where Abigail happened upon a lovely display of earrings they had out on display.  She was amazed at how many varieties they had and how soft and fluffy they were.  “Do they just leave them out in the open like that?” she asked.  As Emily and I turned to see what she was talking about, we noticed that she had found the fly-fishing display and was holding one of the flies up to her ear to see how it would look.  Thankfully she didn’t end up with a hook in her finger!  I guess you could wear flies in your ears and they would be pretty cheap as earrings go.  You’d better not walk too close to a stream though or a hungry trout may jump out of the water wanting a kiss!

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