Married couple roadtrippers

When we were in college, we were pretty poor. Neither Emily nor I had a car and most of our friends were car-less as well…at least until the end. Anyhow, we didn’t really get a good chance to do road trips, that special rite of passage among college kids. There were a few occasions when we could borrow a car but mostly we just hung around campus. We had a really cool group of friends so I don’t think I ever missed road tripping. We just had too much fun where we were.

Anyhow, Emily and I are going on a road trip tomorrow. I can’t tell you why yet because that part is top secret. It’s probably a lot more exciting for me than for anyone else, but I like the mystery of it. I can tell you we are road tripping to KY though…to a place called Pleasureville. Honest, it’s all on the up and up. Pleasureville is a town, not a business or anything like that..I swear! I am buying a huge piece of cast iron from a guy in Pleasureville so I can do an old-timey thing this summer/fall. Oh boy! See, I can tell the suspense is killing you!

A hint - from the Library of Congress
A hint – from the Library of Congress

Anyhow, we got a new spare tire for the trailer and I even dug out a car jack. You see, this piece of cast iron weighs almost 1200 pounds so a flat tire would not be trivial. I figure we will stock up on pretzels and soda before we go. The car is loaded with music appropriate for a day-trip. I am so excited to head out tomorrow and goof around with Emily. We will get to relive to college experience we never had! I’ll let you know how things go and if all goes well, I’ll be able to show you pics related to our next big project!

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