Double digits!

While I am a little late in documenting it, Abigail moved from single digits to double digits this week!  It’s hard to believe it was a decade ago when she was born.  I still remember when I crossed the decade mark.  It seems like yesterday and that was three decades ago!  Anyhow, my little baby girl is growing up and it is so exciting to see her blooming into a cool kid!  Sh’e smart and interesting and still likes dirt and bugs.

A decade old! A decade old!

For her birthday, all she wanted was a new bedroom.  We live in an old house and her room could use an update…something from this century or even the later part of last century.  Her mom and her Granddad are helping her rip out the carpet and the old cruddy plaster so we can freshen up everything.  We are even going to install an overhead light which she desperately wants!  It’s funny how the simple things mean a lot to her…and that makes me happy.

She’s a great kid and I love watching her grow up into a great young lady!

5 thoughts on “Double digits!

  1. NO….. What did the poor girl do to deserve this ?????
    She’s been a good kid (well most of the time anyway). Let her enjoy a single digit childhood for a few more years. (you know later in life she would really wish you did).

  2. A whole new bedroom…I thought it was just new curtains, bedspread, etc. How neat! Congrats Abigail!

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