Some color in the mountains

I love April.  In fact, yesterday was the perfect date…”April 25th.  Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.”  That’s from Miss Congeniality…one of the funniest movies ever.  Of course, I would laugh at anything that has Sandra Bullock.  I have a secret crush on her.  Anyhow, the end of April is perfect I think.  Temperatures are nice but really, the colors that pop are what make it especially excellent for me.  I took some pictures that don’t even begin to capture how beautiful and vivid the colors are right now (and especially the last week or so).

Redbud tree in the mountains Redbud tree in the mountains Wild violets

There is such diversity of life here and the mountains, as they green, are just alive with colors.  Dogwoods and redbuds seem to burst out everywhere.  While nondescript during the summer, redbuds and dogwoods are the princes of spring!  Maples come alive first and give the first reddish tint to the mountains but the real power comes later with the purple and white buds that follow.

Spring mountains

I guess the lower humidity and temperature make it so, but even the green backdrop of the leaves and grass are just more vivid than any other time of year too.  I suppose I sort of come alive again after the (for me) depressing winter browns.  I come to really appreciate the color in the mountains every spring and it just wouldn’t feel right without seeing the change and being in the change.  Its in the birds’ songs and the frogs peeps and most definitely in the color of the trees!

5 thoughts on “Some color in the mountains

  1. How I miss the spring back home! Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee do spring better than any place else. I’m so envious. Here in Fairbanks, the winter is promising to continue right on into May — having started the last week of September. Seven or eight months of winter is a spirit-crushing unending nightmare for this Virginia girl. Are you getting ready for ramps and morels?

  2. Lacy – I cannot imagine seemingly eternal winter. I can barely tolerate the winter we get here. I agree that no place does spring better than the mid-south. It’s beautiful and it always brings me such relief. Ramps are here now and morels are starting…love it!

  3. Northwestern PA is just beginning to awaken. Trees aren’t leafed out yet, the cherry trees are beginning to blossom. Chipmonk and squirels are out and about. The bears are coming out of their caves. Temperatures are rising (ever so slowly). Relief from a long dreary winter. So love spring and summer.

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