First swarm of 2013

I am registered on all sorts of lists to catch bee swarms around Charleston.  The folks at the 911 call center know me.  Several exterminators know me.  The Department of Agriculture folks have my number.  I get lots of swarm calls.  I LOVE SWARMS!  Catching swarms of bees has to be my all-time favorite part of beekeeping.

Swarm of honeybees!

A gentleman called me the other day reporting a large swarm of bees in a tree at his house.  He lives within a mile or so of me so it was the perfect situation.  I ran to the house, grabbed up a bunch of equipment and headed to his place where I met his family and the neighbors too.  The cool thing is that I know the neighbor family.  Abigail plays soccer for the neighbor and their son plays for me.

Swarm of honeybees!

Anyhow, Abigail and I walked up to the swarm and it was a good one.  It was about shoulder high on a smaller tree from which I could easily cut a branch to remove the swarm.  I typically lay a sheet out, place my destination hive on top and shake the bees from the branch into the swarm box.  Bees in a swarm are usually not terribly defensive.  I typically  approach a swarm pretty boldly to see how they roll and rarely have any issues with them.  That being said, never touch a swarm of bees because there are still 10,000 or so stinging insects who don’t care much about manners.  Call a beekeeper every time.

Swarm of honeybees!

So, I sent everyone inside where they could watch from behind screened windows and started my tree trimming.  Within a few minutes I had the bees in the hive and we were all done but for the crying.  Wait…no crying.  Just loading the bees into the car.

Catching a swarm of bees! Catching a swarm of bees!

edit:  one of the ladies took these pictures…

I think I like catching swarms for the “show-off” factor as much as anything.  The two families that watched the swarm catching were curious and interested and called me crazy!  It doesn’t get any better than that!

When I got home, I had three more calls from people with bee swarms…it might be a busy few weeks!

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4 thoughts on “First swarm of 2013

  1. I don’t think you’re crazy, I know it. After being stung so badly that one time I would have thought you’d give it up. Anyway I’m proud of you that you help people and build new hives in the process.

  2. Back when I was a young man on my parent’s swarm catching team, I always felt like a Ghostbuster rolling up to the scene. Who ya goin call?!

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