Possibly my all-time favorite bridge

Is it weird to have a favorite bridge?  I occasionally have to drive to Columbus, OH for work stuff.  I cross the Ohio River at Ravenswood, WV via my favorite bridge.  I am not sure why I like it so much…maybe it’s just the color but I think it is also a mix with the architecture of it as well as the surrounding land.  I always take a number of pictures as I drive across it.  I never pay much attention to the pics as I take them since I am driving, but occasionally I get some pics that almost capture the essence of why I like this bridge so much.

Bridge over the Ohio River in Ravenswood, WV Bridge over the Ohio River in Ravenswood, WV Bridge over the Ohio River in Ravenswood, WV Bridge over the Ohio River in Ravenswood, WV

The air just got a little sweeter

We have another tradition also…whenever we cross back into WV from another state, we call interested parties and report that, “the air just got a little sweeter”.  I sent this pic to Emily on my last trip with my message.  I think Emily is possibly my all-time favorite wife.  She even rates a little higher than WV and this bridge!

5 thoughts on “Possibly my all-time favorite bridge

  1. I know exactly what you mean. When returning to PA from Ohio as we cross the state line it’s like I can breath again there are beautiful hills again. Also when returning from WV to PA there’s a beautiful blue bridge on the north side of Pittsburgh. I feel like I’m finally home (even though I still have 2 hours to go). No matter what, home is where the heart is.

  2. I have a favorite bridge over the Fox River north of home. Coincidentally, it looks like a smaller much rustier version of the one you photographed. The big difference is that my favorite bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic for two decades and is destined to fall into the river at some point. But I have two decades of memories of driving over it including the time my grandfather fell through it with a combine up to the belly of the machine anyway.

  3. I was SURE you were going to say you licked it!!!
    I like little rituals like that, we are chock full of them over here.
    She’s a beauty,eh? Said in my best Canadian/Yooper accent!

  4. Well you know from reading my blogs about bridges that I don’t think it is strange at all. The Mackinac Bridge always makes me feel like I am home.

  5. I love this bridge too, Warren–the river below is so beautiful. I used to be afraid of bridges for some reason, but now I love them and like to go over any and all.

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