Cheshire Cat Robot

A few weeks ago, Abigail attended a science in the arts camp sponsored by the WV State Division of Culture and History. It sounds weird but the idea was to demonstrate the use of robots and animatronics in art. About 2 dozen or so kids were invited to the camp where counselors helped young mad scientists put together proximity sensors and motion detectors and wires and batteries to control servos and motors to animate whatever forms the kids wanted.

Cheshire cat robot Cheshire cat robot

Abigail chose to build Cheshire the cat! Cheshire looked very much like the cartoon version from the movie Alice in Wonderland which makes sense I guess. I didn’t know she had ever seen the movie but it seems obvious. Anyhow, Abigail’s cat detected when we tried to pet it. It purred and wagged its tail like a good kitty. When we talked to her cat, Cheshire meowed in response.

Cheshire cat robot

Mad scientist
Mad scientist

I haven’t seen the girl so on fire for technology…ever! Often girls are excluded or exclude themselves from science and technology so I am absolutely delighted that she participated in this week-long day-camp and that she says she wants to work as a robotics engineer! So, thanks WV Division of Culture and History! I think you have sparked a new interest in math and science for my daughter!

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  1. I had a conversation with our Abby today… she wanted to know what it was like to learn computer programming back when I did. “Well,” says I, “I found a book at the school library and retyped the BASIC programs into my IBM XT-compatible computer. Carried around a C-programming book, and read it during the boring chaotic parts of public school. For one sample game, I explained how I had to draw the skier, then erase him and draw him in a different location.

    Abby was amazed at the level of detail we had to operate at then. But we both agreed that we’re trying to solve similar problems with different tools.

    It’s neat to see your kiddo flex their wings in the world as it is today. Some things are easier, some things harder, I guess.

  2. Years ago I won a trip to a science camp between my sophomore and junior years in high school. It was a month away from home at a college during the summer which is why I’m sure I signed up for it. But I had lots of fun and discovered engineering. Two years later I went to college to become an engineer. Funny how things like that work.

    Cheers to Abigail’s future!

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