Sharknado and being a boy

Isaac and I were laying around last night irritating Emily and Abigail and we turned over to SyFy! It all started off when we picked up on the last bit of “Super Shark“, a delightful tale of a Hulk-like shark that could “walk” on land and even fly. Its final demise was that it liked rock-and-roll music on the radio and ate a boom-box encased in explosives. Quality stuff. Emily and Abigail sat patiently expecting us to turn the channel or do something different. Isaac and I had laughed a lot at the cinematic brilliance of Super Shark so when the next title popped up, it was a no-brainer…literally. The next movie was called, “Sharknado“.

Yes, those are sharks in a tornado!

You might think these were old 1970s “B-movies” but no, no…they still make bad movies just like they used to. These movies were both made in the last 2-3 years. Both of them did star actors who were popular in the 1970s and 1980s so I guess there is a tie there. When I was a kid, I loved to watch the old “Godzilla attacks Japan” movies. It seems like they came on every Sunday afternoon. I am not sure they are on tv much anymore but I may have to introduce Isaac to those as well. Quality films should be enjoyed by all!

Yes, that is Tara Reid and the 90210 guy

Anyhow, Sharknado…It’s awesome! Severe weather runs up the Southern California coast spawning tornado after tornado which, somehow, only sucks up sharks and deposits them in flooded aqueducts, highways, overpasses, and…well, everywhere else. It’s a killer shark’s dream I suppose, chasing screaming people through the streets. It’s bad cliche after bad cliche but Isaac and I had an absolute ball watching. It occurs to me how weird it must be for a female. Emily and Abigail just didn’t see the humor in it and that makes me wonder two things…first, what does it take to be funny through the eyes of a female, and secondly, how do they survive if they can’t enjoy the genius that was “Sharknado”?

There may be more to it though. I ate coleslaw for breakfast along with a tall glass of lemonade and Emily thought I was weird. I don’t understand female tastes in general…neither in movies nor food. At least Emily had good taste in husbands!

8 thoughts on “Sharknado and being a boy

  1. What’s not to love about sharks on land?
    Netflix is awash in bad b-movies. You and Isaac could fill weeks of your time with them.
    Send Emily and Abigail out for pedicures. Win-win!

  2. Although bonding with Isaac and watching Sharknado is a legitimate man thing, I must question the sanity of the breakfast of coleslaw and lemonade. Unless of course it was consumed at least 2 hours after waking. Then it’s perfectly acceptable.

  3. I would love those movies. Big fan of bad b-movies here. 🙂

    Mel doesn’t get into them much either. I have had good success in warping our daughter, though.

  4. Butch and The Boy have been known to watch many a bad Sy-Fi movie!!! Plus dumb kung foo types! Butch and Abby were just discussing Sharknado last night. He was unaware of its awesome presence and they will now capture it on the DVR so he can watch it when The Boy comes home in August, it’s a wonderful world!!!

  5. Although I’m a total noob on Twitter, I follow Wil Wheaton (you might know him from such shows as “Star Trek”) and he was “live-tweeting” while watching “Sharknado”, but I really thought it was some elaborate kind of sketch comedy based on the impossibility and ridiculousness of a movie with this plot line. I’m so glad to find out it’s a real thing. Totally watching it the first chance I get.

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