Back-up singer for Bryan Adams

Where has the time gone?  I swear we have been busy…in fact, too busy to even write anything I guess.  Really, my problem is that I have been in recovery.  You see,  a few weeks ago, Bryan Adams came to Charleston for a concert in the excellent Clay Center.  He asked me to sing back-up for him during the concert.  Actually, he wanted me to sing along from the audience…you know…to lead the common folk who were in the crowd.

At the Bryan Adams concert

When Bryan first announced his concert, Emily’s brother asked if we wanted to get tickets.  Of course we wanted to go and reminisce about our early days of dating.  I forgot how many awesome Bryan Adams songs there are!  This concert was a huge reprisal of all of his very best songs.  It was awesome!  Some concerts are not much fun when the musician focuses on new songs that no one cares about or the really bad old songs…but not Bryan Adams!  Every song for 2 hours was a classic song from my teen years!  He didn’t need any technology to sound great.  His live concert was just as good as his recorded work.  It was amazing!

Bryan Adams in concert
Bryan Adams in concert

The best part is that we had seats at center stage, six rows back.  The concert was acoustical and simple and a perfect date for Emily and me.  I tried to take some pics to share our date with you, my friends.  My iPhone 4 has a camera that was woefully inadequate for taking pictures from even 6 rows back.  So, not only is my voice in recovery, but so is my wallet.  You see, my iPhone ticked me off so much that I got a new phone…I switched from Apple and bought a Samsung Galaxy S4…love it!  No more bad pics I hope!

Bryan Adams Bare Bones Tour
The background is a portrait of Bryan Adams

Anyhow, if you get a chance to see Bryan Adams in concert, go.  It was a lot of fun and he has so many great and classic songs that you will know, even if you don’t remember that they were his songs!

3 thoughts on “Back-up singer for Bryan Adams

  1. I LOVED Bryan Adams back in the day, especially when he first came out!
    Sounds like a fun date, like the picture of you and your girlfriend!
    I don’t even remember how to take pictures with my phone and when I did, I couldn’t get them OFF my phone. #anothercaprikuselessfeature

  2. Oh how many times I’ve relived the summer of ’69 with Bryan. I was just a kid wanting to rock. I thought I had died and gone to heaven cause everything I did I did it for her. Now I can’t stop this thing I’ve started and I’ll be 18 til I die.

    I remember when Robin Hood came out and I heard Everything I Do for the first time. I told my uncle who bought the top 5 albums from Billboards from the 30’s to modern day, that he would have to buy that album. Little did I know when I made that comment that I would be hearing that song every ten minutes for the next year. To this day, I can’t hardly hear that song without remembering the year it played forever.

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