Wow! Poop!

We have recently noticed, as we build the back deck on our cabin, there there seems to be a lot of extra…poop on the deck.  I guess it literally is a poop deck as the other decks do not seem to have as much.  It’s the deck highest off of the ground so I figured this would be the domain of only birds.

Critter poop Critter poop

Sure, other critters can climb but I am not sure why they would climb just to take a poop (although, if my poop deck is becoming a “destination” in the wilds, maybe it would be worth the trip).  Some of the evidence is very clearly from birds (apparently big birds), but some trophies seem like they might be from other sources.  Dear friends, do you have thoughts on the source of some of these poops?

Bird poop! A new door!
Anyhow, the poop deck is nearly completed and I couldn’t be happier with that progress.  Additionally, we added a door that opens onto that deck which makes it doubly nice.  We had always planned to add a door so it was already framed into the studding.  I just had to cut a huge hole in the sheeting and install it.  Once we get railings, it will be a really pleasant place to sit and watch for whatever creatures see the worth in taking a poop with a view!

4 thoughts on “Wow! Poop!

  1. Ditto the raccoon label for the top two poops. I don’t know what it is with raccoon but they evidently like a view when they poop. I have found their poop in rafters, on rooftops and even on grain bin caps way up at the peak. Every time I see it I am always amazed at how much effort that raccoon went through just to poop. Perhaps you can leave a few copies of Ranger Rick magazine out on the deck next time so they can have some reading material to go along with the nice view.

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