After Christmas 2013

Christmas with little kids is a lot of fun, but I think it might be even better with older kids.  We started asking the kids what they wanted for Christmas a few months ago and they didn’t really have a lot to say.  Both wanted some books and a movie or two.  Maybe some music and some candy.  It was pretty cool although when you want to buy stuff for the kids, it works better when they offer some suggestions.  Gone are the days (thankfully) of buying plastic stuff that makes noise…any old thing as long as it makes noise …that’s a guarantee that the kids will like it.

Mom and son
How sweet!

Their tastes are more refined now I guess… (which is wonderful…don’t get me wrong).  Anyhow, we finally drug out of Isaac that he would like a home gym and Abigail offered that a new flute would be nice (that was as much her flute teacher seeing the need I think).  We spent a lot of time letting them believe that neither would happen, being big ticket items.

New flute
Her jaw dropped!
New flute
Still not sure what to think…
New flute
Playing the new flute!
Isaac was not impressed…and yes, that is a bathtub in our family room…

I don’t think the picture captured it but I have never actually seen Abigail’s jaw drop leaving her speechless!  It was fantastic!  Isaac also was thrilled with some video games and chocolate.  It was pretty nice really to get them the exact things they wanted.

Not impressed...
Not impressed…

We spent time with family and ate too much of course.  We will travel to PA this weekend to hang with my people.  It’s just been an easy going holiday and I couldn’t be happier with how the kids have blossomed into nice people!

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  1. I love the look you captured in her eyes as she’s checking out the box of her new flute! What a great instrument, and how nice you were able to pull off that surprise. 🙂

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