We are new chicken farmers!

If you have come around here for very long, you probably know that I get hair-brained ideas and jump before I think.  Well, the other day, I posted this picture and caption to Instagram.

Box of baby chicks
It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission

I didn’t tell Emily I was going to get chicks on that particular day but I thought I was justified.  You see, we were out at the deer stand the other day and I happened upon a rabbit hunter walking in the woods who found a near-starved beagle while out in the field.  We talked a little and he indicated he didn’t want the dog but didn’t want it to starve either.  I didn’t think much of it but later told Emily.  She loves beagles it turns out, so I said I am sure we could get that dog if she wanted it.  We discussed a little and she finally declined saying, “we can’t have a beagle and chickens”.  Since we didn’t get the beagle, I figured that meant I was green-light on chickens.  Seems right, right?

Baby Chicks!
Baby Chicks!

Anyhow, I begged for forgiveness and was eventually granted neutrality.  Emily doesn’t really have a lot to do with the chicks but I am not presently concerned with her smothering me in my sleep.  Of course, that is always subject to change.

Baby Chicks!
More Baby Chicks!

Anyhow, I got a mixed box of 8 chicks…4 from the dark pullets and 4 from the red pullets.  That basically means I probably have female egg layers and they will probably be reddish or blackish in color.  I may be able to better identify breeds once they get older, but being new to chicks, this could just remain a mystery.

Two or three week old chicks
Two or three week old chicks

One of the chicks, I noticed after I got home, had a goobered-up eye.  It was crusty and swollen shut.  I read online a good bit and tried cleaning it many times with a wet cloth.  I could get it to clear but within a day, it got messed up again.  We figured she would be blind in that eye so we named her Hook.  We couldn’t remember if Captain Hook had an eye patch but Hook stuck as her name.  Unfortunately, a few days ago, we discovered she had a broken or maybe dislocated leg.  It was clear she wasn’t right in several ways…so RIP Hook.

Two or three week old chicks
They are growing so fast!

We have named 2 of the remaining 7 birds…one is Hodor and one is Fezzik.  Both birds appear to be big and dumb.  We will name the others as their personalities become apparent.  Ultimately they will be named Soup, but in the meantime, we intend to have a lot of fun with them and enjoy the eggs as well!

12 thoughts on “We are new chicken farmers!

  1. Welcome to chicken land. Remember that they are harder to eat when they have names (Hodor Soup might work after all. Train a neighbor to be a chicken sitter sooner rather than later.

  2. We have a friend who raises chickens, for Cornish hens, and she had her husband built the chicken coop on a skid so she/he could move it from place to place on their farm, so as to keep the grass growing, etc. If you need any help with questions or problems I am sure she would be glad to help you and they live there in Spencer. So you could always go over and see her setup. She also has a chicken plucker…Mister can tell you more about this.

  3. I love the logic applied to get your chickens. What happened with the dog?
    And chickens! Awesome! Are you building a coop? Tell me when you get a goat; I’ll come visit.

  4. Maybe you should get the beagle as well…just sayin’……
    I want some chicken as well..one day…

  5. It sounds like you made erroneous use of the collective “We are” in the title of this story. Since your wife has opted out and you made no mention of the children, perhaps it would be better to rephrase it to a more singular “I am”.
    It also seems you missed the point to her meaning of not being able to have the beagle and chickens. I seems that maybe she was referring to the fact that the doghouse would be full with the person who brought said chickens home.
    So maybe when you build the chicken coop you should consider having ample room inside for yourself as well.
    Congrats on your new title as farmer and best of luck with the remaining chicks.

  6. You’re making wish we had some chicks too! Good luck with this new venture. And Emily is right–chickens and beagles don’t mix very well.

  7. Chicks are so much fun! I ended up with 8 this year (only meant to get 5, but…) They seem to get such random names. This year I have Lady, Citrus, Orange, Lemon, Peaches, Grapefruit, Brown Chicken 1 and Brown Chicken 2. Hope you have a good time with yours.

  8. My former boss always had that expression to. I asked for his forgiveness many times over the years. Fortunately most of the time he agreed with what I had done.

  9. Of course I didn’t sleep with him which I’m sure makes a difference. Reminds me of a billboard I saw years ago along a highway. It said, “Marriage is the only war in which you sleep with the enemy!”

  10. I can’t believe how fast they are growing…it’s incredible! They still freak every time I come into the room…like little kids I guess…or are they just so excited to see me? 😉

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