All-county band!

I love band kids!  They are just some of the coolest, non-jerky kids I have ever met.  I am especially proud of my band kid and the fact that he recently killed it in the all-county band as well as the all-county jazz band performances.  You see, Isaac plays tenor sax and he plays it pretty well.  Well enough to earn first chair in both bands!

My band kid
My band kid!

These kids get together once a week for 2 hours at a time over the course of 6 or 8 weeks to practice.  They work very hard and it comes together in a fantastic performance that we enjoyed a few weeks back!  Isaac had a number of solos and he did a great job!

Tune #1
Tune #2
Tune #3
Tune #4
Tune #5
Tune #6
Tune #7
Tune #8
Tune #9

He didn’t show too many signs of nervousness (at least until we were getting ready to drive to the performance…maybe a little tension then) and he pressed right through and played so well.  I am very proud of course.  Take a listen and see what you think.  As always, this was recorded on my phone which was somewhat swamped at times by their sound and by random knuckleheads talking, the occasional cough or two and my stomach growling.  I still like their sound and hope you enjoy!

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