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It’s finally Spring as far as the bees are concerned!  Typically, maples are among the first things to bloom…usually in March sometime.  When the maple blooms pop, I usually sigh a sigh of relief.  There are no guarantees with honeybees, but once the maples bloom, bees generally can find sufficient pollen and nectar to start their spring build up and ultimately, survive.

Honeybee laden with pollen
Honeybee laden with pollen

This weekend I peeked in on the colonies and saw lots of activity!  Maple pollen is a sort of greenish, grayish color and it was what I expected to see.  Instead, I saw tons of bright yellow pollen!  I have no idea what pollen source the bees had found but I suppose we might as well call it daffodil pollen…it was the right color and daffodils are my favorite flowers ever.  Does anything smell better than a daffodil bloom in spring?  No, I think not.

Honeybee laden with pollen
Check out the wings of the bee with pollen

As I often do, I sat in front of the hives and watched the bees come and go.  Spring is a wonderful time for bees…they are so focused on chasing blooms and nectar and pollen that they hardly even notice my presence.  I love the opportunity to just sit and listen to their buzz and watch as they weave and bumble into the hive entrance, loaded with pollen.  In addition to the pollen baskets on their legs, the honeybees seemed to be completely covered in pollen, head to stinger.  I love spring in the apiary (and everywhere else too) and I can’t wait to taste this year’s honey crop!  Yeah yellow pollen!

More bee stuff…

In the middle of tweendom

My little baby girl turns 11 today.  That places her squarely in the demographic known as “tween”.  My mom always used to say that she liked my brother and me best at the age we were, whenever someone asked.  I have to say I see it now.  I loved Abigail as a baby and as a 5 year old and I am really enjoying her as a budding young woman right now.  It’s fun to see her interests begin to shape and her soon-to-be-adult ideas begin to form.  She is strong willed and determined and sometimes emotional and always just a lot of fun to be around.

Abigail! Abigail!

Emily and I had to beg her (as we always do) to give us some gift ideas.  Our kids have the most awesome responses when asked what they want for gifts.  Typically it is just a small thing or two.  I wrote about  a few examples awhile back…sort of a funny read I think.  Anyhow, I do not think they have ever just “gone wild” asking for things.  They see value in certain things and also are beginning to see and understand the value of money.

Birthday knife!

Birthday Presents!

Birthday Presents!

So this year, Abigail asked simply for a pocket knife, an iTunes gift card and some Gobstoppers.  I think that’s a pretty cool list…not a typical list by any means.  Of course, the pocket knife surprised me the most but hey, who am I to question my daughter wanting to buck stereotypes?!  I got her exactly what she wanted and surprised her with it this morning.  As of breakfast time, she had not yet cut herself.  I know it will happen at some point.  Folks have to learn things and sometimes it has to be learned the hard way.  We will teach her safety of course so it will be up to hear to learn, one way or another.  It’s good to have a little danger and responsibility too…she is 11 after all…growing right up into a real person a wonderful young lady!