Guess what it is!

We went to my parents’ house last weekend and they had a surprise for us…now don’t look ahead until you take a guess…do you know what this is?

Guess what it is
Guess what it is

So you know, I have this thing for stinging insects

This is a baldfaced hornet’s nest.  It turns out that these things are not really hornets in the official definition, but are a type of wasp in the same genus as the yellow jacket…of course, both creatures are mean and kinda suck.

Bald faced hornet nest
Bald faced hornet nest

I took a few pics before we sprayed this nest.  I like most critters and leave them where they are when I can, but making a home on the back porch which my parents use all the time wasn’t a good choice!

3 thoughts on “Guess what it is!

  1. That is one beautiful nest. Some one somewhere might pay big bucks for it. If you haven’t destroyed it yet you should sell it on E-Bay.

  2. At first I thought it was a bag of wool from many sheep/goats.
    You are such a lucky guy—I’ve always wanted to have one of their beautiful nests for my weird collection of all things dead/bones/nests/feathers, etc.
    Bald-faced hornets are wicked, wicked wasps. I hope you didn’t get stung.

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