I think I am a morning person

When I was a kid, I used to get up pretty early…not obscenely early, but pretty early every day of the week.  I always got up well before my brother on weekends as well as weekdays.  Most days I walked out to the living room and leaned up against my Mom on the couch.   I wouldn’t say cuddle exactly…anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of physical contact with other people.  I am not a hugger and I still really dislike even shaking hands with people.  So, I am not a cuddler, but I did enjoy “lean time” with my Mom in the mornings.  Not sure why I am weird that way, but their you are.  Anyhow, both of my parents got up at obscenely early hours for work stuff.  Dad was usually off to work and Mom and I would sort of just chill together.  As I got older, I loved to watch the Today show, and especially Willard Scott.  I still want him to announce my name when I turn 100.

As a younger kid, I watched “Lost in Space” every day.  It came on around 6:30 am and was, of course, black and white.  It was that time period when I was probably most clearly defined as a morning person.  I ate four slices of toast almost every morning and watched that show.  That time is a great morning memory.

I guess from the time I was 18 until…well…now, I was neither here nor there on mornings.  I still am an early riser, but I held no real opinion on mornings.  I guess mornings grew into a warm-neutral.  Recently, though, I have come to really enjoy my early mornings once again.  I get up before 6 am and cook breakfast while Emily is in the shower and the kids are still asleep.  I drink some coffee and read the overnight garbage that my news readers gather.  The house is quiet and so are my thoughts.


About the time everyone starts to bumble around, I head outside to care for my hens.  The chickens always hear me crack the door and know I am coming with fresh grains or green tomatoes or an apple core or two.  They cluck my way to the coop which is a great help.  My eyes are rarely on my path lately though as the sunrises have been amazing!  I have been treated to some incredible displays the last few weeks.  Timing like that won’t last long, but for right now, it’s just another wonderful part of my morning routine!

4 thoughts on “I think I am a morning person

  1. I wasn’t before but I am now. It is nice.
    I LOVED Lost in Space, I wanted to BE Penny Robinson!
    Since you don’t want to shake hands or hug people, what do you do when you meet someone? Rub noses? NOT!!!

  2. Were you also one of those “Stop touching me” types? As a teenager I used to rise before sun up, make a pot of coffee for my parents, minus the first cup for me. And head out to the gravel pit with my .22 in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other and watch the sun come up over the Cedar woods. Then take a few long distance shots across the gravel pit at targets I had set up. No finer way to start the day. I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning.

  3. Still rise early even though we’re retired. Enjoy the sun rise and the crisp morning area and of course dong the crossword puzzle. Mornings are the best time of day.

  4. I used to be an early riser but both our girls seem like they can sense when I get up and also get up. Then it seems like a long slog until everyone else gets up. So these days I don’t get so early and have learned to enjoy my late evenings after they are in bed. Maybe when they get closer to their teens and want to sleep until noon, I will go back to my mornings again.

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