As Thanksgiving should be

As always, I am late to the party as Thanksgiving was nearly a week ago.  I had Black Friday shopping to ignore…and of course, we had to ignore Cyber-Monday as well.  I had a lot of shopping not to do between Thanksgiving and now.  Actually, we did absolutely all of our Christmas shopping in one night…on-line.  We basically had wishlists set up on Amazon and just bought out of the lists…slick and easy and done!  That sounds like I am only giving gifts out of obligation, but that’s not how we feel about it.  I just prefer the actual giving rather than the shopping.

Maybe a little pie...
Maybe a little pie…

Anyhow, even though we didn’t do any real shopping, we have been busy.  We worked on the executive deer stand a few days and I had to manage my killer beard as well!  But the real event was Thanksgiving day…we gathered 20-some people together and ate a lot of food.  I guess it was probably too much food, but we have never been ones to go too hog-wild.  I like a nice serving of turkey and taters and gravy…maybe a few slices of pie, but not too far overboard.

Reddi-wip, straight from the can!
Reddi-wip, straight from the can!

I am not sure I can say the same for Isaac.  He was pulling sugar straight from the can…truly it was a thing of beauty!

Almost nap time!
Almost nap time!

We took a bunch of group pics, but not everyone wants to be seen with me online so I will only show Abigail prepping for the family to sit around the bench…I think she was staking out a napping location, honestly.  So, we had a pretty nice Thanksgiving and a busy but nice mini-break from school and work.  I think that Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays (after Groundhog Day of course), because it is mostly a relaxing time with family…and pie!

6 thoughts on “As Thanksgiving should be

  1. 23 people to be exact. I have to say, the funniest part was trying to fit everybody on the stairs for the family picture. There’s always that one moment when you think you’re done and someone says “Wait, I can’t see…”

  2. I love this part of the year simply because of the pie. Everyone has pie and all of it is good!

    I just did my Christmas shopping yesterday in exactly the same fashion. In a few days, the boxes will arrive and after hiding them, I can truly relax for the rest of the holidays and perhaps concentrate on that next slice of pie!

  3. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving to me! My hubby does so much shopping on Amazon at C’mas that I tip the UPS guy for being “Santa Claus”. He delivers pretty much every single present we buy.

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