Bye bye beardie

I can’t sing worth a nickel…maybe I could, at some point, sing better, but I have never been much of a singer.  For some reason, though, I was in chorus in school.  I was even in show choir.  For me, I guess it was to be around more females.  You see, in my little school, males didn’t really do chorus.  I figured my odds were better that way.  Not being worth anything as a singer, all I can figure is that the director just needed warmish male bodies to move the risers and the piano.

Chorus1 Chorus2

I’m in both pics…I look a little different now…these pics are not mine but I appreciate using them

So, in addition to chorus, I participated in a production of Bye Bye Birdie, the musical.  I’ll leave it to you to find the story, but it was a fun musical in which I had a small bit-role.  I honestly don’t even remember what the role was, but I am sure I was brilliant in it!  It’s funny, but that production, or rather it’s music has really stuck with me.  Whenever I hear someone say “bye bye”, I always sing in my head, “…birdie, good bye…bye bye birdie, don’t cry…”.  I try it on the kids, but they always look at me like I am crazy.

12_02_2014 339 12_02_2014 340

Ok, so to the real point of this…I shaved off my offering for No-Shave-November at the end of last month.  It really had gotten to be a nuisance and I was happy to see it go…bye bye beardie, good-bye…bye bye beardie, don’t cry.  Gee whiz I was happy to see it go.  God bless people who have beards and who like beards, but it just isn’t for me!  I always felt like I had things crawling on my face…strike 1.  Emily called it No-Kiss-November…strike 2.  Many people said I looked older and with all of the gray that has apparently developed, I am out with strike 3!

12_02_2014 374

12_02_2014 378

Anyhow, I always like to shave it off in bits to see just how ridiculous I can look.  It doesn’t last long…maybe a few days…just long enough to irritate Emily and embarrass the kids!

4 thoughts on “Bye bye beardie

  1. A properly trimmed Van Dyke could be a good look for you. Even with the funny face it gives you a kind of distinguished look. The Frank Zappa however makes you look creepy. Maybe trim the ‘stach under the nose and loose the soul patch.

  2. I’ve shaved my beard in different styles in the spring before back when I used to work a nine to five job. The muttonchops and fu manchu were always big hits at work. I did the old chin curtain once but living among Amish who wear the chin curtain everyday, turned out to be a mistake.

    One I have been saving until I am old enough to pull off is to just shave one side and then act like I forgot that I hadn’t shaved everything.

  3. My brothers beard has similar greyness.
    Emily is a saint.
    I don’t mind any of the evolutions! Butch shaves and grows his chin whiskers randomly. I am ashamed to say I don’t always notice the change! I like him both ways!!

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