The flu…one down, three to go

All four of us dutifully got our flu shots in October or November…whenever they came in at our doctor’s office.  We usually get them every year and have mostly been well served.  Both kids and Emily are exposed to a lot of potential flu-people though so it’s always a bit of a gamble as to whether or not someone will end up with the flu at our house.

This year, of course, the flu shot is apparently not as effective as the CDC had hoped…and sure enough, Abigail was diagnosed with the flu last night.  I didn’t realize they had a quick-swab test thingy that could positively identify the flu in a matter of a few minutes…thankfully they do and she and Emily were on their way a few minutes later.  Of course, the flu isn’t gone in a few minutes and tamiflu apparently only knocks it down a day earlier than it would have been,  I guess a day is a day so that helps.

I went to the pharmacy last night to pick up her meds and was helped by the parent of one of the boys on my soccer team.  She knew why I was there based on my prescription for tamiflu.  I think it also was clear what the 4 bottles of wine were for as well…my medicine!  Wine, you see, is prophylactic for all illnesses.  I should be good with the wine only, but if I come down with anything, I’ll kick it up a notch like my Grandpa used to do…ginger brandy cures all!  Time will tell, dear friends!

So, right before lunch time, I called Abigail to check on her and see what she wanted for lunch today.  Her throat and snot-maker are so congested/screwed up that she couldn’t speak clearly enough for me to determine what she wanted.  We hung up and 10 seconds later I got a text, “Donuts”  As a donut connoisseur myself, I certainly appreciated her need.  I popped into Krispy Kreme, which, incidentally, I think makes the weakest of all chain-donuts, to buy a cool dozen for Abigail to eat at lunch.  I mean, one needs energy and comfort when fighting an illness, right?  Hopefully the other 3 of us can remain healthy.  We’ve broken out the disinfecting wipes and gas masks and flame throwers and stuff we use to kill germs in the house.  Hopefully we can stay ahead of it!

Wish us luck dear friends…today is also the one year anniversary of Aquapocalypse 2014…the mess where some chemical storage tanks leaked a bunch of crap into our water system which resulted in 300,000 local folks not having safe water to drink.

9 thoughts on “The flu…one down, three to go

  1. Bleach man, bleach!! Make the whole house smell like an indoor pool at a motel!
    Poor Abigail! I hope she gets off with a weak case of the flu and avoids the “I just wanna die” day. 🙁

  2. I say kick it up a notch and use the brandy. An ounce or two of prevention is better than a pound of cure. At our house we always kept a little brown jug of “The Pure” handy for medicinal purposes.

  3. Poor Abigail!
    Butch has been down too, and he hardly ever gets sick! So far, so good at controlling the contamination.
    Praying Miss A is on the mend. Donuts are good medicine!

  4. I tried Scotch but still came down with the flu despite the vaccines last fall. Our whole house succumbed to it this year. This was the first time I have had the flu in 20 years or whenever they came up with flu shots. Before that I got it every year without fail. Despite getting the flu this year, I will still get the flu shot next year because hey, one out of twenty still ain’t bad! Get well soon my friend!

  5. All is well again in our house. It’s amazing…as miserable as she was, the Tamiflu hit it hard and quick and she improved very fast. She is still not perfect I guess but it really (apparently) helped a lot…and somehow we didn’t all get sick!

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