One thing I like about Winter

I know I have said it before, but I will say it again…I really hate winter.  It’s dark early, it’s not just pleasantly cool but really cold.  Winter means snow which means slush and muck everywhere.  It means waiting on the car windshield to defrost.  As a lifelong cheapskate, it also means higher gas bills to prevent Jack Frost’s nipping too hard at our noses.

Cold Spoons
Totally unrelated, but I like pics in my posts and these utensils look cold. That makes it related, right?

But one cool thing that happens in the Winter because of both the heat and dryness of Winter is my bath towel dries out quickly.  I typically use my towel for several days before laundering it.  Of course, that means I hang it to dry between uses like most people.  In the summer, though, it doesn’t always dry out between my shower and when I wash my face or whatever.  I don’t know why, but using an already wet towel is a real drag.  That’s never a problem in the Winter though!  I can wash my dry, cracked and chapped hands as often as I want and never have to worry about using an already-wet towel!  Ah, glorious Winter…sort of…

4 thoughts on “One thing I like about Winter

  1. I ate with those same silverware for 18 years and then off and on for another 25 years. I have no idea what the pattern is or where my parents got it but they still have it. I liked them because I could scoop ice cream with the spoons and not bend them at all. However, as far as I know, they never had any of the soup spoons.

  2. Love seeing you back on your blog. Now lets see some pictures and hear about what’s been happening.

  3. Warren!!! I was wondering where you were, glad to see you show up in the feed!
    My one cool thing is I can have a cup of something hot without having a hot flash and melting!!!
    Hope you and your dry towel have a good December!

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