The impact of COVID on our family

Emily wrote this 4 days ago:

Today my grandfather died. He was 95 years old and was physically failing even before we received the devastating news that he tested positive for COVID. Whether he died from or with COVID is immaterial to those of us who loved him and are mourning his loss. But COVID definitely has impacted us. Let me tell you what COVID has caused – COVID prevented my family from being at my grandfather’s side during his passing. COVID prevents me from being around my husband and children, parents, aunt and uncle, brother and his family, cousins and extended family as we mourn – because some of us were with my grandfather before we received the news that he tested positive and are now in self quarantine. COVID prevents my grandfather from donating his body to science (his final gift to this world). COVID delays our gathering together to celebrate the life of my grandfather, a WWII veteran. His generation is often referred to as the Greatest Generation because of the sacrifices they were willing to make. I fear we will be referred to as the most selfish generation because of the sacrifices we are NOT willing to make. Why did my grandfather contract COVID? Because somebody, somewhere, did not follow the guidelines. They did not wear a mask or did not wear it properly. They did not follow the recommendation to social distance. They did not cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing and/or did not wash their hands afterwards. My grandfather may not have been able to donate his body to science, but he still has a final gift to give to this world. Please join me in honoring my grandfather’s life by protecting the lives of others – wear a mask and wear it properly, social distance, wash your hands, follow the guidelines. Give others the gifts of being at their loved one’s side when they pass and the comfort of family as they mourn.

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  1. My condolences on your loss. We’ve been following those guidelines and I hope others will learn and listen.

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