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Superior rating

I have been remiss in writing about a significant event that took place last weekend.  Isaac plays in his school’s jazz band and they had a regional band competition and rating.  I had a certain expectation of how the middle school band would sound.  I mean, I have heard Isaac play a lot at the house, but getting an entire band to play together is another thing…and middle school kids…well, they aren’t always known for their attentiveness to detail.

Jazz band kid

We headed to Huntington to one of the high-schools  where school bands had been playing all day.  Band kids are super cool and mostly a lot of fun to hang around, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend my day sitting in an auditorium listening to a bunch of hormone fueled kids screeching out jazz tunes.

I couldn’t believe how wrong I was about pretty much all of my assumptions.  I still think band kids are really cool, but I had no idea how awesome they could play a huge variety of jazz tunes.  Most of these kids had only been playing 1-2 years but to hear them, you would think that they had been playing since way before puberty.  Anyhow, their music speaks for itself so without further adieu:

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

Extra points to anyone who can identify the names of the songs!  I am so proud of all of these kids.  They did one heck of a good job and all of their hard work definitely paid off.  They were given a superior rating, the highest rating possible!