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Time has flown!

Today my baby boy turns 14!  I just cannot believe it.  Honestly, he just makes me so proud and I have enjoyed (almost) every minute of watching him grow into a young man.  It’s funny, just last year he was shorter than me and, really, still just a boy.  In the year since, he truly has grown into a man…certainly physically, but also emotionally.  I don’t mean to say he is all adult yet but he has progressed so far into adulthood and that process has been amazing and awesome and fun!

Happy Birthday!
He’s huge!

I suppose every parent goes through it, but I continually struggle to give him room and to let him become more independent.  I still remind him to brush his teeth and feed the cat, but that’s just stuff that Emily still reminds me to do.  What has been most exciting to witness is his ability to make up his own mind on politics and humor and right and wrong.  Certainly we discuss those things and sometimes we disagree but he is critically considering lots of things and can usually offer a solid explanation of his thoughts.  That’s the stuff that matters more to me right now.  Dental hygiene is important but a kind who thinks for himself…that’s amazing!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Anyhow, happy 14th birthday to my boy, Isaac.  I couldn’t be more proud of you and I love watching you grow up into a fine young man!

She’s a good kid

We celebrated Abigail’s birthday last weekend.  It’s hard to believe she is 7 years old!  I think she is really much older.  You see, she asked everyone to bring things for the animal shelter instead of bringing presents for her.  We never suggested it or even mentioned that they need stuff at the shelter.  She decided completely on her own to ask for donations.  So, everyone who came to her party brought things for animals including leashes and collars, dog and cat food, cleaning products, and cat litter.  She was delighted as she delivered it to the shelter yesterday.  I am so proud of my big little girl!

Delivery time!

She still had a big time at her party too.  We rented a shelter at a local city park and she invited family and some  friends.  There was a playground nearby so they stormed the castle and launched off in space ships and taught school, all in the jungle gym.  We jump-roped and hula-hooped and played whiffle ball.  It was a great time and Abigail told me it was her best birthday ever!

My birthday is a ways off yet, but I think I may follow her lead…it’s hard to beat a good game of whiffle ball!