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I needed a break

It’s been quite awhile (almost 3 months) since I have written anything and I am sort of bummed about that.  This space has always been sort of my diary, albeit a public one.  But it’s how I hope to keep track of stuff we have been doing, share pics with friends, and make new friends.  It’s just that things have gotten so busy that writing has just sort of fallen by the wayside.

Basically, we have been very involved with band, sports, and life…some of the very things I like to write about.  But this time around, it seems like those things are all we do and I cannot possibly write about the same three or four things over and over.

Anyhow, things have slowed down a lot and I am going to try to catch up.  I am not sure who I am addressing and I hate those random vague thoughts sent out to the Internet that people seem to do far too often on facebook, but I needed a chance to just log in again and write something.  Maybe I am just writing to myself as a sort of kick in the pants to get back into writing…