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Dang devil scooter

So, it’s been a rough go around our place lately.  As you may know, Isaac has had a significant issue with a blood clot in his leg.  It seemed like that was enough to call it a summer, but just last night, Abigail broke at least one wrist and maybe both.

Broken wrists
We call her Splint Eastwood

We were at the local high school walking around the track with Isaac working on building a little endurance in his legs as he prepares for school to start in 3 weeks.  Abigail took her scooter to ride as Emily and I walked with Isaac.  She was scooting along when all of a sudden, she just sort of toppled over.  It turns out, somehow, on a flat paved track, that she rode off the surface into the grass which caused her to fall.  We always insist on helmets but it’s a scooter on a flat surface…we didn’t think wrist guards would be a big deal…WRONG!

Her fall was seemingly gentle so we debated a bit on whether to take her to get x-rays, but when we got home, she couldn’t move her wrists and her hands were trembling.  Emily took her to an urgent care place where they x-rayed both wrists.  One was clearly broken, the other was not clear.  Sometime today or tomorrow, they will go to an orthopedic doc and find out for sure.  So, the debate is, “one cast or two?”

She’s in pretty good spirits so the pain isn’t too bad.  She’s just trying to figure out the logistics of having both arms splinted right now…pretty funny really.  Anyhow, I figure, the dang devil scooter will take a ride over the hill into the weeds as soon as she is able to throw again.  Wear your helmets AND your wrist guards kids!