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All hot and steamy this weekend

Perverts…I know what you thought…

We had a shindig at our house this weekend in celebration of Mother’s Day.  It seems like we only clean our house once each quarter…either that or we have two kids who are messy and don’t mind leaving their stuff all over the place.  Anyhow, we had to straighten up and do the usual cleaning stuff.  With the zoo full of animals that now live with us, we also needed to do a good solid mopping of the wooden floors.  We usually use a mop and vinegary water.  That works well but the house is aromatic to say the least.  I refer to the smell in unkind terms which I will spare you.  Vinegar is nice and all, but I prefer it in smaller doses.

Anyhow, I was talking to my mom awhile back and she mentioned steam mops.  She saw some demo on the home shopping channel (you know those old people…they always check that and the weather channel before going out for the early-bird 4pm supper)  She has been thinking about getting one since seeing the demo.  I, of course, am interested in one-upping my parents whenever possible so we bought one a few weeks ago.  I read some reviews online and searched for the proper color that would best highlight my skin-tone.  Finally, we decided on the Eureka Enviro Steamer.

Steam mops are nice because they clean using only…steam!  There is no need to use any chemicals or detergents.  Depending on how you use them (and which brand you get), they will sanitize floors too.  We are very happy with the one we got and it does a great job of cleaning the floors.

Our hootenanny was a success and we didn’t all smell like we had been canning pickles all day when the party was over…I love you steam mop!