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Glad to be a Dad!

We were on the road for Father’s Day this year so Emily and the kids helped me celebrate Monday.  I didn’t really expect much in the way of a gift so I figured the menu Abigail provided was just perfect.  They asked me what my perfect meal was and they hit it pretty close.  I guess I am a pretty simple palate, but I couldn’t really think of a better meal!

Tonight's menu

We have a bunch of raspberry bushes in our yard so Abigail was able to pick a great assortment of red and black raspberries for me.  I think they were supposed to be an appetizer…at least I ate them before the meal so they surely worked that way!  When I got home, the smell was awesome and the table was already cleared and set!  It was starting off great!

My new fire pit! S'mores girls Marshmallows are fuel

After we ate, the kids took me back outside to light a fire in the new burn pit they bought me!   I have always enjoyed sitting around a nice fire but in the city and with our yard, a regular campfire in the yard didn’t really make sense. We had to have a fire pit for me to feel good about it.  They picked out a really nice metal pit and even bought some pre-dried wood so we could have a fire right away!  I have been taking wood we cut around the house to the country so there isn’t a lot laying around the yard to burn…I’ll have to remedy that problem!  Anyhow, we started a fire and had a great time roasting marshmallows for s’mores, the perfect dessert!  Even after we were done eating and the fire started to die, Abigail sat around the pit a bit longer and talked about my childhood and all sorts of things.  Only the mosquitoes drove us inside.  I see many more nights around the old fire pit…I am glad to be a Dad and couldn’t be happier with how my family honored me!

Love - Happy Father's Day

Decorated by Abigail