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Four eyes are better than two

I think I was the last hold-out on my side of the family as far as glasses goes.  My brother got glasses when he was around 10 and my parents and everyone else has had glasses for as long as I can remember.  Somehow, I had escaped.  Emily is pretty much in the same boat.  Her whole family has glasses as well.

New glasses
My new glasses.  This was taken on Valentine’s day…notice we are both wearing black…coincidence?

Let pass 40+ years and even the vision-very-best of us fail though.  Emily got glasses last year and I recently gave in as well.  I guess most folks get regular lens and then move towards bifocals or progressives but we both went right to progressives.  That’s just because we made it 40 years without I guess…

So, I had my glasses about 1 week before we went to see Phil a few weeks ago.  I mostly got used to them pretty well on that trip.  Speaking of trip, however…a few folks had warned me about stepping off curbs and walking down steps.  Pretty early on, I fell down 4 steps when I misjudged a flight in our house.  Luckily Isaac already knew all those words  I used when I fell but it caught me by surprise and really hurt.  Nothing broken though.

Mostly a bespectacled family
Mostly a bespectacled family…during a recent walk in the woods

So, now Isaac is the only one in the family without glasses.  Abigail got hers a few years back too.  Hers are probably worse than mine or Emily’s so she follows the greater family tradition.  Isaac however…he’s the hold out now.  I give him 30 or so more years until he joins the club, but somehow I suspect he will!