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Remember Gordon?

Last year, I had a brief but special relationship with Gordon, the girl turtle.  She was a beauty and came to live with us for a time at our house.  I had picked her up at the deluxe deer stand and always wanted a pet turtle.  After I read about the plight of turtles in captivity, I returned her to the wild figuring I would never see her again…but at least she would be free and able to breed, live, do what turtles do.

Ming the Turtle
Ming the Turtle

Last weekend, I was weed-eating around the bee yard when I grazed across the top of the weirdest looking rock I had ever seen.  I bent down and saw a turtle shell buried in the grass.  I didn’t bury him/her in clippings…the turtle was actually down in the grass and seem to have been that way for a little while at least.  Anyhow, I figured it was an empty shell so when I picked it up and a turtle peeked back at me, I was delighted!  “Gordon!” I screamed.  Of course, the turtle retreated back into the shell and I nearly dropped him as well.  After I settled, I realized this wasn’t Gordon, but was almost assuredly kin to Gordon…or maybe her beau.

This Turtle, who I named Ming, is a boy I think and was pretty good size!  I was so happy that the turtle population at the farm is still apparently alive and well and that my girl-turtle Gordon may be responsible for at least some of that!