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Tilt Shift

I am not much of a photographer but I like trying.  Sort of like most things I guess.  Anyhow, I have always been a fan of tilt-shift photography.  I won’t pretend to really know the details of how tilt-shift photography works other than to say that by manipulating the angle/position of a lens relative to a subject matter, the focus will be skewed enough to make regions of the image look miniature.  One can buy fancy lenses for D/SLR cameras to accomplish such a task but they are pretty expensive for the limited use that I would get out of them.

Like nearly everyone on the planet, I have an iPhone which has a camera and all sorts of apps to take and manipulate pictures.  I found one program called (now get this) TiltShift.  I think it cost a buck which happens to be within my budget, so I downloaded it and have played with it a good bunch.  Below are some pictures I took and manipulated with it.  I suspect that a high dollar lens will take better looking pictures that I can produce with my dollar-app, but for my own fun, I am pretty pleased with the effect.  Have you ever messed with tilt-shift photography?