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Garden whoopee

I remember watching the Newlywed Game when I was a kid.  I guess it was in syndication when I saw it but we watched regularly, and I really enjoyed it for some reason.  The couples were funny and spontaneous and innocent.  It was a different sort of tv I guess.  Anyhow, Bob Eubanks invariably asked the newlywed couple some question about their “whoopee” habits.  I guess I was young and dumb but I knew what they meant but sort of didn’t either…know what I mean.?

Harlequin Beetles mating
Harlequin Beetles mating

That phrase has sort of always stuck with me as catchy phrases about sex tend to do.  So, when I spied some critters “making whoopee” in my garden the other day, I decided that I had better grab a few snapshots (does anyone use that word either?) and call it a new hobby.

Japanese Beetles mating
Get a room!

We built a raised bed and planted a lot of different things in the garden this summer.  It’s somewhere around 4 ‘x 20’.  I love that it is convenient and I barely have to bend over to work it.  I basically planted it square-foot-garden style so I have quite a number of plants in that space.  Perfect space for insect exhibitionists to show off their style!

Broccoli Bell pepper

The good thing is that the plant whoopee that’s been going on in my garden is also paying off.  Insects aren’t the only things reproducing.  We planted broccoli, Brussels sprouts, jalapeno and bell peppers, onions, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes and they are all doing great!  We still have plenty of blooms on things so there is more fruit yet to come!

Green tomatoes

I am still not sure I understand what Bob Eubanks was talking about but I do know that this sort of garden whoopee is always welcome and I don’t feel the least bit bad taking pictures of the whole thing!