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Quite a party

I have had this written for quite awhile now but we have had a family emergency.  I’ll write more about it soon.  So this is a little out of date but I hope you enjoy anyhow…

So awhile back was the sesquicentennial celebration of WV statehood.  There was lots going on and there are all sorts of places to check out details but we got a few cool pics of things that went on.  Truly, WV went first class on the celebration and made for some really cool memories.  On Friday night, Abigail and I went to the Capitol lawn and sat upon a blanket for an hour and a half to see the widely touted 3-D movie and fireworks show.  It was to run 3 nights and from where we live, I could see the fireworks and hear the music from the first night.  After hearing reviews, we decided to go for the second showing and I am so glad we did!

WV Sesquicentennial celebration WV Sesquicentennial celebration

So Abigail and I went early and sat on our blanket.  We spent some time talking and some time reading and mostly hunting for lightning bugs and people wearing inappropriate clothing.  It was a ton of fun and we had good neighbors.  Too many people showed up minutes before the show so it got pretty crowded eventually but we didn’t have too much trouble.  Anyhow, back to the show…there was a really cool countdown projected onto the Capitol which was fun since everybody counted down for the real show.  The movie was brilliant.  The folks that created it used the architecture of the building beautifully and it highlighted all sorts of important events in WV state history.  We saw images of settlers and the Civil War and mountain musicians and white water rafting.  We saw Mary Lou Retton and the late Senator Robert Byrd.  It was just super well done and demonstrated so many of the things about which we should be proud!

WV Sesquicentennial celebration

The producers played music throughout of course but I think the best part was when the played Country Roads by John Denver.  It’s unofficially the state song and whenever it is played, everyone within earshot sings along proudly.  The crowd served it up well and reminded me once again the the entire state of West Virginia is just one big small town.  It was Country Roads that I could hear playing from my house the night prior to our attendance that let me know for sure that this was going to be a first class show!

Light show on WV State Capitol

Click for a video I took

We had a little bit of traffic to suffer through but I know all of the not-interstate roads to get home so it wasn’t too bad for us.  People were courteous as you would expect in our big small town.  I am super proud of the state I call home and of the party that we threw.  I am glad Abigail and I got to enjoy the party together too!